Wedding Dance

LeoPhotographer_3764Getting married?

Your first dance together as a husband and wife will be a memory you will cherish forever. Zaneta will help you take away the pressure off on your wedding day and will help you to put you at ease with the most important dance of your life. She will explain the rules of leading and following as well as how to look good in dance position. Have a particular song in mind for your wedding dance? She will choreograph a one of a kind dance to your song of your choice and leave you with a graceful and elegant first dance.

If your idea is to achieve a natural look, not rehearsed style of dance, she will teach you a few relaxed dance movements which you can use on the dance floor. If you don’t have a song, she will try to help you to decide on a dance style depending on your dance abilities and style of your dance. She then will suggest the type of music that would suit your style.¬†Learning to dance for your wedding is the best gift that you and your spouse to be can give to each other.¬† So make your first dance a lasting one.